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Traces from Reggio to Perron to the Netherlands​

Since 1995, the Pedagogiekontwikkeling 0-7 Foundation (Pedagogiek 07) has been working on the development and realization of excellent facilities for all young children (0 -7 years old) in the Netherlands.

In children’s centers, preschools and kindergartens, Pedagogiek 07 developed their own pedagogy, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, ‘SPOREN/TRACES’ (Stichting Pedagogiekontwikkeling Reggio Emilia Netherlands). The foundation published the book ‘Traces of Reggio’ (SWP 2007). In 2007, Traces received official recognition as an early and preschool education program (VVE). In 2014, the foundation opened it’s own exemplary Traces children’s center: Perron 07, ’the first school for young children’  in The Hague.

Pedagogiek 07 introduced the Reggio Emilia approach to the Netherlands in 1998 through the exhibition ‘The Children of Reggio’ at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. From that moment on, Pedagogiek 07 promoted the Reggian pedagogical philosophy in the Netherlands.

Pedagogiek 07, as official point of reference for Reggio Emilia in the Netherlands, makes the digital provision of Reggio available, works on (partial) translation of the digital toolbox and of books from the collection of Reggio Children.

After 10 years of working on the development of Perron 07, it is time to share the pedagogical and organizational expertise of Pedagogiek 07. As well as to contribute to the development of excellent pedagogical public facilities, with the rights of all young children (0 – 7 years) being the central starting point.

In March 2024, Pedagogiek 07 will once again organize the first annual Dutch Study Tour to Reggio Emilia. We also offer tailor-made working visits for policymakers, educators, researchers and politicians.

Reggio Children’s world-famous municipal school have been making it clear for 70 years that investing in public facilities for education and care benefits society as a whole.

Margot Meeuwig & Nimca Zandvliet

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